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Zombs Royale – New Zone Mystic Forest!

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  1. wehn i play ist Bugging all what i See it white

  2. It says no views and 6 likes
    Okay YouTube
    The zone looks cool

  3. hab eine fragen, ich habe vor vielleicht nach SS clan zu wechseln hast du vielleicht Kontakte von SS auf discord die mir da bei helfen können oder kannst du mir da bei helfen 🙂
    Wäre nett von dir.

  4. Oh hi did not notice how early I was love your vids

  5. I updated to have this map yesterday but when I updated it, the OG house was still there 🤔

  6. Best player on zombs Royal add me pls zombsgaming


  8. Zombs gaming the best spots are that big house and that area with the glitches tree btw I was in that round

  9. Nice vid, what do you use to record and edit your vids

  10. Smash subscribe to ZombsGaming 🤗⚡️🔥❤️

  11. could you play a game with me? my id is eldepredador#4728

  12. They took out the middle house again!?!? Noooooooooo!

  13. Zombsgaming its me arturo, my phone doesnt work so i might not be here all times ok. Good luck

  14. NO WAY CUSTOM MOBILE NICKNAMES?!!!?!!?!??!?!?!?!?!? now zombsroyale is the best game

  15. You guys remember the FIRST ever Map in this game? i Do…

  16. If u plz can I play with u my name is "gregfan#2891"

  17. I do zombie royals stuff to but wait u r playing on mobile or PC I can’t tell

  18. I’ve played mobile (and it’s all I play) and yet still can’t even do less than half of what you do. You are an amazing player

  19. Ei Spirit do you know creative destruction I'm a good player

  20. Challenge:The Unique guns only challenge
    1) Can only use Unique guns like Flamethrower, Minigun, e.t.c
    2)Can only land in themed places like EX:Mystic Forest
    3)Has to get at least 6 kills
    Please like so he can see❤

  21. Why am I not in the official AT clan anymore?

  22. It’s not ur fault their where six guys on you

  23. I don't kill those bots but text me back if wanna get duos I'm really good

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