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Zombs Royale – No Buildings Challenge

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2 games with very tense endings in this Zombs Royale challenge!
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Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]


Track: Phantom Sage – Kingdom (feat. Miss Lina) [NCS Release]
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  1. How ?o U Take A Purpple Ump Over A Mythic Ar

  2. Alright buddy, take this challenge:
    Silver weapons only. Good luck 😂

  3. 2:28 How did you know the opponent was in the building to throw the grenade there?

  4. no hatin but half the kills were bots

  5. Next do house loot only if u no what i meen

  6. Hey Chosen It's me the guy who always plays with the hive guard skin

  7. Me when I saw he replaced a mythic with something not as good 😧

  8. tick friend nick bao chosen

  9. I cant be the only one who loves how she doesnt go into spidget finner mode whenever she gets the chance

  10. I tried to do this and the final circle was in the big Mystic House. My luck is good today.


  12. He chooses a blue rocket launcher over a red vector wow 👏

  13. Wow if u watch the vid he carefully he opened it about 2 times

  14. How to beat Chosen in this Zombs Royale video: Use an impulse to force him inside. It’s that easy.

  15. Bro why did you drop the vector it is the best weapon in the game

  16. When pro people play-
    (M choosing "CHOSEN" in this case okay?)-
    Chosen- Umm.. hello?..
    Capt.- Yes?
    Chosen- uh… Sir can we have an airdrop on farm?
    Capt- yea! Of course! Why not?!!!!!
    ( Capt. To pilot)- hey u lazy bean ….the first drop on farm okay?
    Pilot- yes but don't call me a bean!!
    When a noob plays
    Noob- um…am I talking to the Capt.?
    Capt.- yes, ur not talking to a donkey!!!
    Noob- sir can we have the first drop on faraway farm?
    Capt.- is this a new player?
    Noob- yes sir yes sir
    Capt.- hey u lazy bean the first drop will on be mystic forest okay?
    Pilot- yes understood capt.bean!!!
    Edit: can we have 10 likes?
    I was trying to tell that when pros play they get drop next to them but when noobs play they get drops far far far away from them like 10000000 miles away!

  17. lol I was screaming "TAKE THE XBOW until i realized what the challenge was.

  18. hey, can you sometimes say at the end of the vid that plz sub in 5 sec or i will burn ur house down :DDDD

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