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Zombs Royale – No Healing Challenge in Solo Squad

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Only took 30 damage gg. No healing challenge is very tricky though


  1. i can solo squad sometimes BUT NO HEALS thats INSANE!!!!!!!! #VG | ChosenIsAGod

  2. Yoooo anyone playing ?
    Chosen You Or Samaji Who Better

  3. Juli TV want to do a Video with you

  4. Awesome! I learn a lot from this vid :3

  5. The oe who killed u in the 1st round, and then u killed him in the 2nd round, I bet he was the only dislike XD

  6. thanks for putting the music in the description!

  7. I also want to become like u bro u r insane n I love your videos

  8. You are the best ! After Samaju of course …😄

  9. this is like protect the vip solo but with extra steps

  10. Remember when bolt action did max damage even at close range? Those were the times

  11. The thing is… I did 20 kills and didn't get meds. But! I wasn't doing the challenge.

  12. This is a. Legend, pro , and god at the same time

  13. He killed me 2 that ishero guy that killed you last time

  14. ahh, chosen.. still a noob at the time… good memories

  15. Did u see my coment last vid u made cuz I asked u to do this😃

  16. Ur the best at zombs royal and the samju!! 🙂

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