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Zombs Royale | Normal Gameplay

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so I decided to uplaod normal gameplay like I did before enjoy ._.

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  1. Pls comme to m'y channel iwant 1k subscraber pls zou snipe benalia

  2. This is how i sometimes play. U inspired me. Thank u bro. U r awesome!!

  3. You realy do run uot of ideas tip stop yt then xDD

  4. U can tell he edited the games he lost and put the games he won after.U can tell because in game 1 his name is Instinct.Spirit and in game 2 his name is SPIRIT.He really didnt have normal gameplay because if he did then he would still have the same name and play game after game.Instead he just shows u his wins and not his losses.He is a really good player.But if u say it's normal gameplay then why dont u show game after game?Okay,pls dont remove this.This is not hate and I really love ur content Just do what ur gonna say.

  5. Pls join SS cuz pls jus Instinct members are always being toxic im ss believe me ss is beter pls trust me

  6. Are u ever gonna leave instinct? cuz they are toxic banning me for nothing i WAS instict but now i think they suck plsssdd join SS believe me JOIN SS

  7. Hey zombsgameing there is this dude that thinks he is you hes killed me 2 times and then when i tryd to kill him he ran thats not what zombsgameing would do

  8. I have got a new vid. But I don’t win can you sub plz

  9. Hey can you sub to my channel I’m a huge fan and I would like to do more youtube but have some watchers.

  10. 7:13 I looked at your health and there was no shield then at 7:38 you got a big and hybrid and as soon as you got that I dropped my Oreo packet. Lol XD. Zombs if you want you can join my clan. It's called XeLn but you'll probably stick with instinct because it's better right. But it's up to you everyone makes their own decisions so I don't really care which one you pick.

  11. Can we play show plz my name is omg4life#9238 I play on mobile too

  12. Nice game play btw wanne play with me ToxicCharger#9533

  13. Do you play claw or something like that cuz you switch without taking your fingers off. Please respond

  14. Hello Zombs Gaming I am a really big fan and it would make my year if I could play with u
    I have 200 solo wins no lie and am my school clan leader
    My name: WSBeedGivin#4109

  15. Noice spirit joined instinct maybe he should join FAZE.jk

  16. Warum hast du verlassen wo wir dou waren ????

  17. There’s some name I | spirit he was on us east servers I killed him in thinking he was a fake but he was good was it you or a fake?

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