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Zombs Royale | Only 1 Chest Challenge 22 Kills

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  1. ? soy el unico que habla español ?¡?¿?¿?¿?

  2. Who play this game know me?

    Who me?

    I am prokiller2 has teammate or enemy you or if i kill you

  3. You haven’t even logged in!😂🤣😂

  4. I kept forgetting that he is doing a one chest challenge and got mad about him not picking up the gun

  5. i checked your stats ur pretty much the best zombs player alive

  6. Do these players not know the distance from small ammo and medium ammo?

  7. in the 1 chest challenge, you can only use items from the 1 chest. I don't think you're supposed to pick up healing though.

  8. dang! your big big pro, i wanna see video you 1v1 unlegenderynoob

  9. Either this guy is super super good or he's just going on an Asia server

  10. Bro how did they dodge all of those goo gun shots ʕಠ_ಠʔ

  11. What is your highest spectator no. In ZR
    Mine is : ten
    Edit: comment down below what's ur:D

  12. That 1 hp kill at 7:17 was NICE!! I love our vids man just so AMAZING

  13. After all this one year i have finaly achieved it I HAD 23 KILLS BOIIIIIIIIIIII btw only once but im very proud uwu

  14. en mi videojuego de roblox aperecio esto me acorde y me sosprendi

  15. How did you do this?! Like the one time you got the quadruple kill and had 1 health, this is legendary, and I think a 4 kill game is good for me

  16. ayy didnt know u had a yt channel. btw i killed u before

  17. l am a new member of your channel.Your videos are the best.

  18. imagine if he got bandages lol

  19. GUYS ALMOST 200K Views!!! Its Currently 199,997!!!!!

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