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Zombs Royale | Only Minigun Challenge!

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  1. A challenge you have to have only one weapon

  2. That ought to be the best pirate ive ever seen

  3. I'm happy for u playing zombs
    My computer is new but zombs works so bad
    It works a little better on different browsers but mostly bad
    Could u tell me what browser u play on

  4. Samaju you are pro do you want to play zombsroyale with me???

  5. Samuja 1 match 20 kills
    Me.20 matches 1 kill

  6. How I play Zombs Royale

    Get one kill and die from a sweat

  7. tengo cuenta tengo personajes

  8. Samaju Games but I will count every elim.

    (Note. For team games I will count the knocks, not the elims as the gun, and no 50/50. Also, too make it easier for myself, every knock will count, just the knock, if a res happens, the knock will still count. Unless it is a solo, then the elim counts.

    Update: No montages either.)

    AK: 181

    Bolt Action: 145

    M4: 107

    AR-15: 83

    AWP: 73

    Ump: 69

    P90: 68

    Silenced Ar-15: 60

    Pump Shotgun: 57

    Scar: 47

    Assault Scar: 39

    Scoped M4: 34

    RPG: 34

    MP5: 28

    Deagal: 27

    Thor's Hammer: 23
    Minigun: 22

    Tactical Shotgun: 20

    Uzi: 15

    Assault Shotgun: 15

    MG36: 10

    Glock: 7

    Grenade: 7

    Hunting Rifle: 6

    Duel Pistols: 6

    Crossbow: 6

    Dragunov: 5

    Vector: 5

    Shuriken's: 4

    P2000: 4

    VSS: 3

    Tommy Gun: 1

    Goo Gun: 1

    Cactus Bomb: 1

  9. i actually did this
    i got the w

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