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Zombs Royale – Only Mythic Challenge

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  1. Bruder mach mal nur Raketenwerfer challenge und kannst du mich bitte abonieren ich mach auch Zombs royale Videos

  2. When teammate is down you must leave the game challenge (duos or squads on squads you must leave when your all teammates are down or dead)

  3. du schaffst es immer wieder deine challenges aus den commends. zu machen, du bist echt krass und dann auch noch deutsch du bist MEGA

    edit : danke für das herz

  4. Do the only guns you get from a chest challenge and if you kill people you can only take there heals only them no other crates or nothing

  5. U human me too but why u god at this game and me I m a little red shit 💩💩💩

  6. do a challenge were you wait for the first kil of the game and watever gun its with you have to use that same gun rarity does not matter 🙂

  7. Can u do the unique guns only challenge like mini gun flamethrower e.t.c

  8. Dude, those heal and shield potions are common.😕😕😕

  9. I looked at the video and I was like, what is only my thicc XD? And then I realized that it said, only mythic.

  10. Anyone noticed there is a silenced ar, scoped m4, assault scar, dragonov all the exclusives in 1 match

  11. I have a YouTube Channel because i make Zombs Royale

  12. New challenge when u kill someone u have to change all ur guns

  13. Go to my Channel an blauwe braam for zombsroyale

  14. ✓ NICE BRO ! Let's play only legendary challenge

  15. my complete challenges:
    sniper only
    hammer only
    throwable only
    deagle only
    one weapon only and more)
    (in my channel tsss….)

  16. How u get too many subs I want too i have 108 subs my channel Adam is Diamond

  17. it just so happens that he gets god-teir non-mythic weapons

  18. Spirit_: Only Mythic Challenge
    Spirit_: Gets 3 Best Mythics In the Game

  19. Now how do y’all always get mythics in the first crates you get when ur doing a mythic only challange

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