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Zombs Royale | Only Shotguns Challenge!

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  1. hello guys, Are you remenber me?
    I'm ATBossGaming in Zombs

  2. GG i lost my acc 😭 from season 0 wird noobhammer and everything

  3. Can I please Join Vanguard Samaju? SoloflowGames2323

  4. You shoud do mstrey mode becuse you ether get rpg or snipers or SHOTGUN

  5. Me: walks up to door
    Samaju: opens door with 2 golden pumps
    Me: …
    Samaju: hehe

  6. I'd like to see fate videos – also, i have fate videos on my channel. Pls go check them out!

  7. Samaju I love you. You are best youtuber😊

  8. Why do I subscribe when I'm banned from his discord/

  9. New challenge: playing superpowers without superpowers

  10. 私は小さな子供が好きです says:

    If anyone is playing this from season comment because I am 🙂

  11. I love your videos so much. I always hope that i might see you in a game.
    keep winning.

  12. Hey Samaju, could you please start streaming more on TWITCH!
    Love watching you gameplay and my brother says he could probably beat you.

  13. Next patch update : Double Pump Patched with The Double AK

  14. I saw u in the game when u were trying to complete this challenge….it could be just another of 1000 fake Samajus😆😆😅😅

  15. Samaju: gets 18 kills using only shotguns

    Me: only got over 18 kills twice and I've played for a year and a half

  16. Random guy: OMG how did he shot through the wall he's a hacker

    Me,an intellectual: The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

  17. You should start tutoring people on zombsroyale.

  18. No one plays like u bro ur insane it's like u are a AIMBOT don't mean it I'm just saying ur aim is 100% GOOD

  19. Challenge: im supposed to be challenging

    Ha ha

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