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Zombs Royale – Op Assault Scar in 50vs50 mode

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  1. Im fair on mobile just haven't played in a bit

  2. Try assault scar on superpower mode next time with 100% power 😮p

  3. Follow me and me follow You please 😁😎😂🤣😉👍

  4. I really want to play with you but I okay on Asia servers

  5. Its the eye of the zombsgaming winning in sight rising up to the challenge of our rival were the last known survivors and we will do it right he is the best he impresses till the end go zombsgaming

  6. hi kannst du mit mir pielen bin gar nicht so schlecht! lol#4853

  7. I thought I was good at the game xD until I met him

  8. When u guys were back to back that looked so cool

  9. How did that kid FRA… change his name with that line going down the middle after FRA?

  10. Gg I have only used the assault scar once bc it’s so rare but it’s hella op I dropped my highest kill solo game 21 kills with it

  11. Wait since when did u get a gold bolt from an airdrop

  12. hola soy isaac juegos diarios aguirre says:

    Whata fack dus skin

  13. Imagine a new gun

    Rarity: Mythic
    How2Get: our of chests
    Name: Gorub (goo-rub)
    Shooting type: bounces of walls, when hits somebody it does the goo gun effect

    If u got that weapon reply to me saying what it would be like 😀

  14. I really lik ur vids zombs gaming so pls can u add me my name is DESTROYER123#7659


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