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Zombs Royale – Opening the Expensivst Chest + 2 Solo Wins

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  1. Zombs Gaming warum bist du so heftig 😄😄😄😃😃

  2. Und endschuldigund das ich die ganze Zeit invite geschickt habe

  3. Why are you so bad? I'm better than you young I've got 4351 wins and today I'd made 2:)

  4. Kannst du mir bitte sagen ob wir auf meinen Kanal ein Video drehen wo wir duo spielen

  5. can we play together my username is GhostEugen#8185

  6. The goo gun and the rubber gun are so op especially in super power mode

  7. Am I the only one who can’t do Duo and Squads on IOS ?

  8. Can i have your account if you are signed in with google I will help you get up tiers and I am good but your god it's your choose name password
    Plz kind regards

  9. Zombgaming können wir mal spielen ich kann dir zeigen wie 2 Mobile Gamer alle rasieren bin richtig gut und habe 2000 Freunde

  10. Hi Zombs I play this game too. But it doesn’t allow me to play duos or squads if you know how to fix this can you please tell me

  11. which is more powerful: gernade or cactus bomb? which is better?

  12. Plz add me I freind request’ed u it’s Romeo131_YT#1649

  13. Can you please add me my name is drlupo#1657 btw love it vids hope U reach 3k subs love U bye

  14. i love your channel so much i like the videos! keep up the good work

    thx for hearting!

  15. can someone tell me how to get a parachute?? i never knew how, all i have is the basic start off one

  16. Aww, your so lucky! I never get to buy gems…but so far I saved up 36 gems! I've played since season 4

  17. Cool opening. Btw i send u a friend requiest its NOOB. Be my friend i would like to play with u😊😊😄.

  18. Hey can u accept me in zombsroyal I added u my name is GhostHyper#6141 I am ur fan btw

  19. Lim pro zombs royale solo vs sqoud20kill easy

  20. So many people want you to add them so they can get carried.

  21. I may have died to u but did u eliminate someone named chickenslayer?

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