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Zombs Royale | Playing with Top

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  1. If u wanna friend top, their name is Top#3602
    And btw-a question to ZombsGaming- why did u cover the numbers????🤔🤔🤔

  2. I have 216 wins ad me GucciMane#6267 on zombs royale

  3. Bro i was watching u when u had 178 subs now u have 12k subs nice keep it up guys like my comment and the vid if u think Zombsgaming is the best

  4. i like your videos because you always play with friends and we get to watch two good people ( love the video)

  5. I killed xD to win a game of last night's mobile scrims

  6. What's the music in the video someone please tell me I'm a dancer

  7. BRUH ZG you use army time for you clock!!!

  8. Nice vid , I wish you can add me on TEA#1330 , help me to get my 2000th win , I an now 1997 wins , pls😭😭
    My ID :TEA#1330

  9. OMG, I know top. I played with him/ her 1ce. With habouji I guess.

  10. Bro how does he like legit flick and move so smoothly. And how does he switch weapons so fast? Does he use the arrow keys or what?

  11. You make great vids keep up the good work

  12. Zombs does face reveal at 20k subs how bout it? 😂

  13. im sick and i use your vids to get my mind off it. Thanks for the great content!!

  14. Hey zombs gaming I'm so glad that we are friends im guccigangsucks we played squads and got like 3 wins

  15. I know the internet is good and all of that but look at 4:52. He is switching so fast the only way I know to switch on mobile is with the arrow keys at the bottom right corner. So how does he switch so fast?

  16. I saw Tops username LOL I am going to add him

  17. Aye, nice video man, I was thinking of helping each other out as the community and doing collabs.

    You seem like a good – decent player (lmao we all are) agreed?

  18. If you slo-mon the vid, top's account is Top#3602

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