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Zombs Royale | Playing with Xenon Clan

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My Clan

Glude – Dreamers[NCS Release]
Desmeon – Hellcat _NCS Release_
Laszlo – Imaginary Friends _NCS Release_

Thanks to my Discord Server Nitroboosters!
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You can download ZombsRoyale here for iOS or Android:


  1. Nah I won't join, I'm in instinct xd (maybe I'll join)
    And mems played the worse

  2. Spirit hype 15k subs!!! And pls add to your clan Xenon, im good.

  3. How about playing with me, Chato. Chato#1123, i have 480 wins

  4. Whattttt?! You didn't pick up the vector–noob mistake at 11:12 in the video

  5. Tbh I call myself bad but I’m not rlly but Ik i for sure ain’t as good as u 😂 also I wouldn’t be able to join any clans anyway 😭😂

  6. Spirit what happened to youre minecraft survival world?

  7. How many clans u have and are in 3 clans u have AT,GEA,THEN xemon and in I

  8. Love u I am a super good mobile player and has been in a clan but I left pls add me to x u won't regret it plz😉

  9. can i join teamonly plz i was in Exo clan i need new clan

  10. zombsgaming is your clan a mobile or a pc or both

  11. Please add me my Id is :GMY#4813
    I am German mobile player. My lvl is 55

  12. İm really good but i cant join anyways because im a pc player

  13. Anyone said anything 'bout me ;-;
    Big pp, and ggs

  14. Ay whoever wanna run 2s friend me @LAVAHOUND31#1808

  15. Who is better like=ZombsGaming Comment=unlegendary Noob its time to see whos the best player

  16. In beginning if that RPG shot was not your teammates you would probably get knocked

  17. Can I join I have 320 wins and like 6000 kills im a decent player

  18. Can I join pro mobile player over 900 wins and 8000 kills

  19. Today this video gets half of year :DDD

  20. Could u tell me what screen recording app u where using. Plz

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