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Zombs Royale | Random Duo E1

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  1. Zombs gaming is a beast at zombs and that's just it ( :

  2. is this like a behind the scenes on how you make your videos?

  3. So if I can get more kills in a game with you we are gonna friends plz I was there gamingstudioHD XD

  4. i did the same thing YOU KNOW WHAT THEY DID? i had 11 hp and i was trying to find a med and i found one my partner with 100 shield and 76 hp TOOK IT AND USED IT REEEEEEEEE xD

  5. …I’d play with you but Senpai doesn’t notice me…

  6. RIP curlz
    Died in Aug 25, 2019
    Cause of death
    Kill by Zombsgaming

  7. Wait how tf do you throw grenades that far im playing on ipad to and i can barely throw them

  8. Yo everyone I’m doing a pink Afro party at blossom burbs! queue at 2:00 ET on the Asia server
    Rules: no killing, no swearing and no weren’t other skins.
    (It’s on the Asia severs because it’s easier to get in the same match)

  9. He says nice combo….It’s literally made to be a combo 🤦‍♂️

  10. Also, you can med and heal at the same time btw, just have to start the heal first

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