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Zombs Royale – RPG Only Solo Squad

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A new zombs challenge featuring high explosives

Music: JJD – Adventure [NCS Release]
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  1. Amazing im gonnaa check that out later 🙂

  2. Amazing im gonnaa check that out later 🙂

  3. 227th
    28th commenter
    and Chosen, add me

  4. Living in the wild with the Hill family says:

    Join the Kenneth clan

  5. wtf was that. . . i know i ain't crazy says:

    That last part was. . . Mmmmm

  6. Told you I was gonna be here for this video VG! Always good to see a pro at work!

  7. wth is this sorcery i cant even shoot a bullet with rpg without killimg myself

  8. Nice you are one of the best how can i get into Vanguard?

  9. Yes i like to play waifu collecting games says:

    How do u solo squad always if i try i get with randoms people but u not

  10. RPG is OP in square mod with house. What the final XD

  11. Why do you dont do a live to play whit us

  12. 03:44 that kid seemed satisfied to be killed by u lmao
    04:09 🤣😂🤣 epic editing

  13. Epic win this is afk3497#3497 we played duos and some squad games

  14. I was in that game you killed me, my name was green arrow

  15. How do you get more kills than when I use all weapons?! WTF man.

  16. I just got killed by you and its was fun getting killed by you because you can see his skill being use against you then as you try to remember one of the things he did, you just died from a frag

  17. ur only tier 40 i thought you would be tier 100 now

  18. It shows your the best even when you play with only a pickaxe love man

  19. in Mystery Mode do a no RPG challenge then kill last player with reverse grenades+gas

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