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Zombs Royale – Season 15 Battle Pass is out!

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Zombs Royale have released the new Season 15 Battle Pass with an oriental/japanese theme. Also, there has been a new chest added for 100 gems called the ‘Samurai Chest’. Hopefully a new map location will be coming soon!

Track: Phantom Sage – Kingdom (feat. Miss Lina) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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  1. Can I please get the battle pass from you


  2. Space base backkkkk
    Hammer back
    Mythic type for ar

  3. Chosen uploaded can I ask u a question and pls reply
    Are u unlegendarynoob

  4. Chosen i love your gameplay and i admire your skill and you taught me a lot I appreciate it. EVERYONE SUBSCRIBE

  5. Chosen, I love your videos. I want to play just like you.

  6. Can I pick a challenge and that ur vids are awesome and also I like watching to and i might start a channel to called vg elite

  7. Oh and I'm a ok layer but I try rlly hard to join vg I have 65 solo wins and I rlly want to be in a clan scrimmage

  8. Samurai training area for a new location

  9. Yo vg chose you just killed me in solos with a reverse impulse and a mythic smg

  10. i hopow they make a china town instead of cursed cove or tinker

  11. Yo chosen ar you adult if you dont minde me asking

  12. The ss hanuman has the same exact things as me

  13. Can you do a challenge which, if you find a weapon you have to take it, and you can only use that weapon. Plz!

  14. Tbh I wanna replace bo beach with something like sushi parlor

  15. I love your videos and keep on doing the great work

  16. U are really good at Zombs Royal i think ur better then samaji cause samaji must have token a break of Zombs but… U always play every time so I think u are better samaju

  17. what keys do you press to swap between weapons fast?

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