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Zombs Royale – Season 16 Battle Pass is out!

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Zombs Royale have released the new Season 16 Battle Pass with a spring theme. Also, there has been a new chest added for 100 gems called the Buzzy Spring Chest. Hopefully a new map location will be coming soon!

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Music Credits:
HOME – Nosebleed
HOME – Pyxis
Simon Bichbihler – Celine


  1. Bro fortnite copied zombs royale but made it 3D

  2. Also
    chosen you haven't posted in more than 1 year

  3. Hallo, you have Very nice account on zombs royale. I want to buy your zombs royale acc


  5. Its been 1 year since he uploaded i think he quitted…..

  6. It's been a year since you upload videos, you were one of the best because you never used keystrokes to change weapons, DON'T GIVE UP …

  7. You still play a bit don’t you? I saw you in a lobby once, with some ridiculous skin of course , why did you stop content creating?

  8. It's been 1 year and 5 months at this point I think he quited zombs…

  9. Chosen do a challenge like mystery mode but whatever gun you get first is the gun you have to use for the rest of the round.

  10. Chosen Pls come back man we miss u all the fans are supporting

  11. 1st him and now @vgsamaju 2 legends gone now all we have now is unlegendary noob pls don't quit

  12. Please return…it’s been a year..

  13. i hope you come back one day cause i'm your fan i love you but i haven't seen you in a long time i want you back as a pro who can kill anyone on maps including other youtubers!

  14. Come back chosen it's ok of you don't make money aless you make good videos

  15. Chosen its me OpE DRAGON plz help i forgot ur friend code

  16. Chosen your great! remember that. It's okay to take a brake sometimes. It's been 1 year. Hope your family is doing great. Stay safe!

  17. Everyone comes back to this video to remember you😭Come back please we miss you Chosen

  18. Hi buddy, listen i know you have quit, but if you were to return, then i would like to make you a free zombs edit, that is actually not trash. Lmk:)

  19. luci_san2014's world (may contain redyourro) says:

    are you playing on browser?

  20. hi Chosen when im writing this cuz i played a game with you now

  21. i wonder how chosen would react to nowdays clips (like w4t3r)

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