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Zombs Royale – Season 5 Trailer! – Myths and Legends!

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Myths and Legends have arrived and Season 5 is here! Play today to start earning rewards.

* New theme: Myths and Legends, unlock and earn many exclusive rewards that are only obtainable during this season!
* Evolution Skins: Complete special challenges to evolve these skins!
* Collect stars by completing Challenges and leveling up
* Gain tiers by collecting enough stars to go up a tier
* Get rewards whenever you go up a tier
* Get even better rewards when you own the Battle Pass

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  1. wut is that legendary weapon down at 0.28?spoileeeer

  2. Why dont u play zombs royale anymore my sis is a bag fan

  3. You get no views from playing pokemon. But if u like to play it then… (also if you're not playing zombs Royale, stop copying trailers plz

  4. So do you just record the trailer on the Zombs channel and put it on your Channel???

  5. hui fuszion your trialers is very good <3

  6. I been playing since before there were seasons

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