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Zombs Royale | SNIPER Mk II Only Superpowers 18 Kills

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  1. An awp should be required an bolt mk11 cuz if I look at the details it just look a like the mythic version of the bolt mk11 and the druganov is the mythic version of the bolt action

  2. i thought i got a world record of 23 kills… but i look at the other videos you made… ):

  3. You are my favoryte player in this world and i wanna to be a 1 vs 1 witch you.

  4. Samaju is just so good he could do a fist only challenge and still dominate

  5. What difrents is betwen mk2 shiper and bolt snaiper ?

  6. I love these types of videos
    Keep up the good work 👍

  7. You are amazing!!!!!!! I am 8,500 on solo all time

  8. Bro did u kill someone in zombs named player and had a pink thing in blssm

  9. Pog + OP + 20k subs + insane accuracy = SamajeGames. Bruh I was this vid now im subbing…

  10. no way samaju was in my game and and everyone was saying he was fake samaju do u remember my name xd

  11. Samaju's guide to having "One type of weapon only challenge":
    1. Be good
    2. Start with 2 of the same type of weapons

  12. fun fact: samaju doesn't edit his videos

    which means that samaju is a God in zr

  13. Omg [VG] Samaju!-_- Killed me and my whole squad and won omg omg My name was Raddadadada and he killed us all! WTF! Samaju you are GOD!

  14. Imagine not spinning….

    You look at samaju: UHHHH NEVER MIND

  15. Zr isnt as fun as before 🙁 I really wanna see you and chosen run it back 1 more time just 1 more

  16. There is absolutely no level of what we call "challenge" for this man. Youre so good ggs.

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