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Zombs Royale – Solo Squad Domination

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2 Games, 50 Kills in Zombs Royale solo squad.

1st Song: The Eden Project- Chasing Ghosts [NCS Release]

2nd Song: Lost Sky – Vision [NCS Release]


  1. can join your clan soi very good my id is nottfue # 9986

  2. First of all………


  3. Your actually sick i thought you were another youtuber

  4. Man you are the goat you got my respect EPIC battles 💪🖤😊

  5. your insane dood you re-kt those guys and its satisfying !

  6. Did anyone notice he eliminated Greg the YouTuber XD XD or was it jus me?

  7. how do you put music in your vids plz reply

  8. [VG]Chosen Pro Player Pls Add Friend To Zombs Royal Pls Pls

  9. i wish i could play with u. u’ve killed me many times i watch your vids and u are like my 3rd fav zombs player. i hope we can be Zombs buddies or just play a round would be cool

  10. Chosen can you put lost sky fearless in the background so you can make it intense?

  11. You should do a “how to play like a pro tutorial”.😀

  12. these zombs royal player make the game look so easy when there NOT!

  13. Did anyoneles see when he killed greg aka baxtrix 🤣🤣🤣

  14. The Difference between you and some other pro zombs players is that they cut the scenes and sometimes changes the game rounds like UnlegendaryNoob But play it properly and no cutting scenes btw you just make it 3x or 4x Faster just to change the boring scenes. Please check this once #[VG] Chosen

  15. Müq video ben bile bu kadar güzel oynayamıyorum

  16. What happen chosen not uploading wawawawa

  17. damn this mans vg chosen getting 50 kills in 2 games . no wonder hes in vg

  18. i like how u just slap on a scope and the m4 instantly becomes better

  19. I would love it if you 1v1 Unlegendary noob in Solos and if u played duos with him

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