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Zombs Royale – Solo Squad Showdown

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Season 15 of ZombsRoyale has just begun and I’ve decided to return to win some solo squad games. Enjoy (:

TheFatRat – Time Lapse


  1. Did anyone notice that there were a few blossom trollers.

  2. que forma de empezar el video
    ahora dime hablas español

  3. Can I try out my name is Beepbeep#7989
    My friend is good to his name is hotaisanzing#9552


  4. Hey chosen, is it okay if we play squads? Mabe your going to say no because u are the best and I think you only do solo squads lol, but just asking…can we?

  5. Something weird happend today
    I played solo and placed 6th
    I played solo sqauds and placed 1st

  6. Chosen u banned in zombs royale server than u killed me;(

  7. yo chosen whats all the music for the vid its fire

  8. I clicked so perfectly that this video is 5 months old but a comment is 6 months old lol

  9. Bruh your epic! I keep getting 2nd in solos 0_o

  10. What's up with all the spam. It should be well known that Gamecrook is the only legit website for free gems, coins, gold or whatever for free.

  11. Been a year u didn't uploaded do u play ZR OR LEFT IT?

  12. lol i just noticed you killed me twice GG

  13. This guy killed that guy with snowballs…WOAH I NEVER KNEW THAT WAS EVEN POSSIBLE

  14. can u friend me plz? i am BIG fan. it is HEEHAW@/7038

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