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Zombs Royale Stereotypes | [VR] Durant35

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Thanks for watching! This is Zombs Royale Stereotypes. If you want me to do more specific stereotypes, make sure to let me know in the comments. Make sure to like and subscribe for more like this!


  1. the drinking to hybrids at the same time rly triggered me for some reason

  2. hhahhahahhahhahahahhahahhahahhah nice vid. keep makin these vids. your vids r awesome.

  3. It’s a law to not drink hybrids back to back 😳

  4. i goin to get u 5 more subs ok boi. also remember me we goin to collab. so do you have discord.i cant wait to make a vid with u!!

  5. Lol luv it btw was the sn noob I or the real 1

  6. is it just me or is the gameplay laggy?

  7. the rager thats me when i die to a million bots shooting at me

  8. lol this was a lot more in-depth then i thought it was going to be, i was like oh he's gonna do noob then tryhard then troll. also good job and congrats on being so close to 2k

  9. Do a locker tour, it looks like u have a lot of skins

  10. Yo sup did you know there's one for Mac

  11. 70 more… this is hilarious also what did u use for the intro

  12. Hey bro!!! Nice video!!! I love your channel!!! We need to collab! Plz respond!

  13. I posted this like 4 hrs before you bruh moment, probs just a coincidence..

  14. Fam I always come across the kid who sweats 4 no reason and they r always tailgating me and following me like wtf 😂

  15. 4 the spammer u should of used a clip of a vector

  16. Na instead of naming it the spammer name it the low life kid who spams u as if there is no tomorrow 😂

  17. the kid who does all of these would be a toxic pro who camps who is trying trickshot but doesnt know how to play 100% pro and 3rd partys but has trash aim and tries to team to 1v1 someone at end then loses and spins just me or does that sound like a random

  18. For the noob u should’ve put the same skin as the person who called u a noob that would’ve been funny

  19. when can we do a collab
    and i need your discord

  20. 7:51
    Durant: haha no one can see me in the bush
    bot: im about to end this man's whole career

  21. I am the spammer but can you do another video like this

  22. Why you playing with google. Why you dont play discord 400-500 fps and 20 ms.😎

  23. hey durant im not an og fan so i may sound like an idiot but wut does [vr] mean ?

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