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Zombs Royale | Storm Heal 11:44 World Record (Has Been Beaten)

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  1. sorry i saw the event in zr mature but i couldn't did it |:

  2. World Record Drinker: Im the best drinker in the world
    Samaju: Hold my Slurps

  3. sube video de como juegas al fortnite. Seré el primero en dar like 3>

  4. Samaju! There’s a way around the double AK patch. It called… THE TRIPLE AK!! No joke it actually works.

  5. Can u respond to this FYI aren’t u teaming

  6. Good on you, I cant stop watching that its the best. How are you so good?

  7. I played w/ u today
    My name was GT
    In squads
    PLS accept my request

  8. You did a great job,so did Top,congrats to both of you!

  9. lol thought the thumbnail was fake but then i watchd the vid

  10. Shoutout to Samaria for drinking energy drinks

  11. Is that who top is he is top on leaderboard in duos in last month with 150 wins i only have 90 wins in last lonth

  12. Bruh you have the same exact controls as me! I use Q for melee and Space for main gun.


  13. Do you want add and team I am really good and we could catch good dubs. Highest kill game is 16

  14. I’m banning you for teaming. JK but my dad works at epic games

  15. Yesterday I was playing random squads and I was shocked to see [VG] Saraju and a fake u they killed each other tho

  16. your not going to eat anything for one week if you drink

  17. Longest ive ever survived is 8 minutes and 19 second Lol

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