Zombs Royale | Storm Heal World Record WE DID IT AGAIN! (15:05 min) - lorenzroxsoftware.com

Zombs Royale | Storm Heal World Record WE DID IT AGAIN! (15:05 min)

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  1. @SamajuGames, did you realize that most of the players were wearing pink Afros?

  2. The day that i will play with samaju will be my best day ever!!!! For de pronuciation, im spanish, ok?

  3. How do you make a private server? Comment if you know and tell how to set one up

  4. /////// ====== 88888888888@34534$%%#$%%$%^!@#&*(^#

  5. Wow samaju is my friend in ZombsRoyale yes dude dude

  6. Awww I feel bad for all the people who went into the storm on purpose and died… 🙁 I LOVE YOU ALL!

  7. Well actually you don’t know if thats the longest game because some people could’ve done that already.

    You should’ve said longest game ever recorded.

    But that’s crazy how you got 15 minutes.
    I love you samaju. 🥰😍😘❤️💜🧡🤍💛💚🤎💙🖤❣️💕💞💓💗💝💘💖💟

  8. 2 days after this:WE DID 1 HOUR OMGGGGGG

  9. u could have gone a lot longer if that alien astronaut wasn't with u lmao

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  11. My fav part was when he is healing

  12. GGs man, it is hard to stay alive in the storm and collecting healing in the game but I bet it is even harder to get a big group of people for this, like damn that’s a lot of followers, I can’t believe they all went into the storm normally there is always this one kid who ruins the plan

  13. If he was alone i think the time would double

    I didn't know there was exceptions for teaming

  14. I remember trying this challenge, I got 20 minutes. This was so good fr

  15. when i first saw the title i thought it was a competition to see who could last the longest… what a pleasant surprise it was

  16. 15 mins when the vid is 13 mins long????

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