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Zombs Royale – Superpower Win with the new XM8

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  1. You know I could tell your lying because you is always at the bottom and I'm the first comment little boy

  2. Warum hast du keine 100k Abos ich gönn dir mehr als pewdiepie und das meine ich ernst

  3. Nice SP video ZG keep up your good work and stay cool!!! 😀

  4. 10K FOR THE WIN and how are u in super power mode? And can u do a live stream when u hit 10k

  5. drop ur username her and i will play with you i am a pro player with over 6000 kills and 700 wins

  6. Zombs Congratulations on 10 000 subs!!!!

    Btw here right after you hit it

  7. Wtf you have grown so much for the past month or two
    I have a question
    How do u have superhero mode now ??

  8. Noob: PlEaSe FrIeNd Me On ZoMbS!!!

    Me: I wish I was ur friend

    Also me: Oh look ATzombsgaming is online! oh forgot it’s a fake…..

  9. U the man 10K wow!!
    Congrats 🎉🎊 ATzombsgaming

  10. any one wanna trade acounts from season 2 to 3 accounts dm me on discord moose#8324

  11. I think I killed u my name is SpicyCookie with a cactus bomb

  12. U Deserve more than that for ur great content

  13. OMG du hast die 10k Glückwunsch mach weiter so

  14. Nice video keep doing more 😀
    Congratulations with 10k subs!!! @_@

  15. The virtual droid is so awesome. U look so good with him. Road to 10k 👊👊

  16. Looool you recently killed me! In radical reef, in duos, and my partner had the Silenced-AR!

  17. Why did zombsgaming kick me out from geanerel on your discord

  18. 1v1 me yourmadkid#4380 that is my name for zombs

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