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Zombs Royale | Superpowers Mode 27 Kills!

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  1. Hey you killed me at one point earlier in a superpower game. You were no skin and I was a TV. Not sure if it was you but yeah.

  2. Yay another great video by the best YouTuber

  3. Samaju hearting the comments that say nice but ain’t even responding to the comments that asked if they killed him or not 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  4. Can you play with me i am 69 legacy the one you talk to on discord. I am [VG] OcTaNe -_-

  5. How you can spin the wheel of nitro on mobile I create a discord but I cant spin and your the best player of this world

  6. I got 16 kills haha beat that lol good vid

    Edit: That’s not my kill record lol that’s how many kills I got in the game before he uploaded this 😂 my kill record is 22 not that much but way better than 16

  7. I can’t believe I can now solo squad let go 25 kills

  8. Samaju can u live stream and play random duos

  9. Samaju I think I killed you my name was FireBoyElijah

  10. someone was inpersinating as you on zombs

  11. an idea for a video, you play on mobile and ATZombsgaming on pc or laptop 😋

  12. <3 I love it my best is 11

    ur way better than me <3

  13. Hey Samaju, I had an idea for a Zombs challenge. I call it the Sent From the Sky challenge, or the Jesus challenge. You can only get stuff from airdrops, or the Trident. Ur kinda screwed if you get 2 X-Bows though lol. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems fun. I came up with it btw. I'm sending this to Chosen and Zombsgaming as well, so maybe you can have some competition. Thanks!

  14. Samaju pls talk me what is ur Program "Recorder" & "edit Videos"

  15. When u realize samaju has the same amount of fakes as leadbraw smh

  16. Samaju, plz play with me sometime. You are a god at this game and i bet no one can kill u

  17. OwO
    I make only 17 kills but ur a God
    Btw nice video

  18. Ur guns just become a lazer

  19. Pls anyone add me im bored if anyone wanna play: chumil#6260

  20. Hi do you remember when i sniped u? Tier 99 mystic forest skin

  21. soru 99999 milion subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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