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Zombs Royale | Superpowers Mode 30 Kills!

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  1. O know people ask this alot, but can I be in a vid, or at least a shout out? HiFam#4956

  2. Can i play with you please if you want love the comment or say something

  3. I had 30 kills on VIP mode and it was a solo squad and the VIP with 4 teammates and had 2 health when they won. Would that be the would that be the world record 34 kills? Oh and enough about me nice video SamajuGames:)

  4. I need a clan to join

    Any ideas

    127 wins btw

  5. This is the best YouTube video on earth!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eres una bestia, da placer verte jugar.

    /Melli Royale 😉

  7. Well this makes MY Super power mode video look like trash

  8. Hi your I recon One of the best in the world at the game plz friend me RainbowPugs#9478 I love your vids (^•^)

  9. Hey i just got in ur random squad game can u add me? Im good from season 1 FTHMSinister#1592

  10. if you keep ur job like that you can beat the kills world record

  11. We just gonna ignore how much small ammo he got

  12. who doesnt remember the time bolts reloaded after one shot is a frickin noob newfricker

  13. The best gamer in the world is samaju

  14. i thought the Deagle use large amooooooooooo

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