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Zombs Royale | Superpowers Mode 33 kills! World Record

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  1. U still suck because after or before that match I killed

  2. Sees Samaju in kill feed
    Dies on purpose just to spectate him <3

  3. Hey, I played yesterday the LTM Mode Wepone Race and you was in the lobby I think, is that true? Futhermore I won this game 🙂
    LG Vave

  4. Can I jone your Clan?!
    I habe been playing this game for one season I will be better every day 🙂

  5. i dont understand super power mode it never lets me use potions and it randomly heals i get confused

  6. How good is your computer! 700 frames. What are your specs?!

  7. you are the best zombs royale player on earth!

  8. The Reason why hé dont get more kills, CUS the game starts with 85 peopol

  9. nice bro 33 kills me record 28 kills omg bro !!!! -_-

  10. There are 65 players playing 33 thounsand

  11. At 3:48 you can see the last person at the bottom left of the screen

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