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Zombs Royale – The Old Map is back

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  1. haunted and infantry were the worst maps ever

  2. He protec
    He attac
    But more importantly the old map is back

  3. Now that the old places are back I t th ink everyone is trash rip celestial clouds

  4. I swear to god pls pay attention to his comment:
    When I got on today April 29 of 2019, I was just in a regular chill game, or at least that is what I thought… I started playing when something caught my eye on the map it was called, Wild West and it took place of Haunted Hallows. I thought this was the normal map update but I was wrong. I had then realized that I had not updated the game. I took a screenshot of the game and sent it to zccofficial gmail. I then got off after I won and I updated the game and I thought that the Wild West was the update. Once again, I was wrong. I updated the game and was astonished when I saw old lucky lake and H mansion. No Wild West in the map. I was shook

  5. Hey I have a doubt is it in the normal game modes or is a new gamemode

  6. Hola puedo jugar contigo soy rePro, se moverme rapido y todo ♥ porfavor

  7. ZombsGaming step up your game I killed you in blossom

  8. When I got on today I was like whattttt. They replaced celestial clouds for a stupid house😂😂😂

  9. I LeadBrawl was in game with me for like 10 seconds then he left. Duos FYI

  10. New airdrop weapon
    Lucky lake not frozen celestial removed
    New zone/area
    Fortune forest is back! (I lived it)

  11. I wonder if this is permenent scince i like this nostagia butafter a week or so i want the old map back

  12. Yeah I saw. The new airdrop gun is trash only 12 damage and its a mythical…. the purple ump is better than this mythical gun. In my defence it should be a rare or uncommon

  13. Virilant Village is season 1 place plsss give back OG MAP IS BACK

  14. New Cyber City and the Lucky Lake is back in its Pre-winter version, plus Celestial Clouds is gone :'( , Fortune Forest is here boi. :DD

  15. Wow. They took out my lucky spot. So it says that the Snowy Lucky Lake has melted and Celestial Clouds has disappeared. But Cyber City comes in. BUT Celestial Clouds hasn't been there that long!

  16. Im soo glad haunted and celestial is gone cuz i missed fortune forest and the building in the middle of the pam


  18. Only OGS who remembers this map can like this

  19. R.I.P celestial clouds ,haunted hollow and that island but its 👌

  20. Hey I played 11 hours to se you in the game live.I am soo happy.

  21. I played duos with frend TTVSTREAMEEBTW you killed him.

  22. Bro i meet you 2 times and you dont want add me:(

  23. 1 like 1 prayer for Bomber Base and Infantry Island

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