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Zombs Royale – The Pro Mobile Squad

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  1. holy 500 wins and 8000 kills, i only have 12 and 500…

  2. i subscribe to your channel and liked the vid and hit the notification bell

  3. Names the video pro MOBILE squad…… you do realize we can see the keybinds for your guns, right?

  4. I have about 840 or so win probably like 1100 kills

  5. JOIN FURIOUS CLAN [ZombsRoyale] now! In discord for free no requirments needed!

  6. I have 1 win in solo and one win in squad is that good enough? F***😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Plz add me I have about 1500 wins and over 10500 please add me at BOI#7744

  8. I killed u 5 times earlier and we been on the same team

  9. my son W keys evry one and has 30,000+kills and 1,000+ wins can he join?

  10. Y’all realize he was hacking right he got loot magically

  11. I have the stats but i dont have discord cuz it’s my brother’s acc

  12. I got in a solo game with you you got second I got third you got sniped and someone else got first gg

  13. Played the game since season 3 but forgot how to lol

  14. I don have that many wins or kills but im still kinda ok.

  15. Oh I got into ur game 5 times I didn't know u had a yt channel

  16. Ii lost my account then I stopped playing but I'll start over

  17. Can I join still I only have 6,679 kills in 681 wins

  18. I have that skin reallly a boy not my mom she put her face there

  19. Bro my friend has 300 wins and 11k kills and me 86

  20. I was gonna join but pffft im rubbish. Only 120 wins and like 700 kills. I'm a mobile player but its hard to improve, i cant use claw bc im just rubbish. Anyways cool video

  21. Can I have your acount I have 1863 kills and 894 wins

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