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Zombs Royale – Tips and Tricks – How to win more

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More Zombs Royale tips and tricks, these zombs royale tips and tricks will help you win more hopefully.

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  1. Thank you! This helped me alot, I can't wait to be a zombsroyale pro.

  2. Petition to make this a tutorial video before new guys can start playing ZombsRoyale

  3. My computer is lag but with this hints we get 4th

  4. And then you realise those 100 people watched this video….. :

  5. U helped me so much I just picked up 300 wins!!

  6. I was wanting to search “how to get rid of idiots in zombs royale”

  7. Woah this helped me alot, and when i mean alot, i mean like, TONS of WINS! Thanks for the tips and the website!

  8. Bro that's not an AR15, that's an AK47🤣🤣.

  9. how can you try out for clans? I don't have discord

  10. but i suck at the wasd keys and the arrow keys 🙁

  11. thank you very much chosen i won my first solo game because of this
    this helped me a lot to win more games

  12. This really helped me with my zombie skills, thx chosen

  13. waching this in 2021 🙁 remembering youtube in 2019 what a ride :((((

  14. There are too many fake free gems and gold hacks, I can not believe people fall for these scams. The only site that is working 100% is Gamecrook, tried it myself.

  15. GameCrook is the only legit way to get gems, coins, points or any other in-game currency for free. I've tried all others, but no luck.

  16. Pro tip if you can aim close range use vector it is really good for closE range


  18. IM wondering why people spin so much in this game

  19. I just wanna say I used your tips and i got my first win

  20. 3rd partying is lame. Yeah sure it helps for kills but its kinda unfair especially for the person enjoying the 1v1.

  21. man ur just thanks I literally won a game rn and I even haven't finished the video

  22. The map looks so old I remember when lucky lake looked like that

  23. Good tips but imsad i dont have a mouse 🙁

  24. i play all time my aim is so so now thanks u so much 🙂

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