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Zombs Royale Tips & Tricks!

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In this video, I show you guys 8 different tips and tricks in Zombs Royale that might help you guys out! Hope you guys enjoy and learn something new!
Kevin MacLeod ~ Meatball Parade

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  1. This video was really really helpful keep it up. Best Zombs royale youtuber.

  2. Was this filmed this morning around 10:30am EST

  3. Im in your vid! he did this earlier today with jun and I didnt think you were doing tips and tricks. I was in the clip 2:15

  4. Legendary jun pls notice me I have to talk to u

  5. Bro ! Thank you so much for watching m video ! Can you maybe submit clips and maybe maybe collab!!

  6. I have a tip this is from lead rays tips if ur full sheiks and hp final circle/1v1 take one tick of storm damage and chug a hype this will allow you to regenerate 10-15 shield which could b game changer like if u think this is helpful ty

  7. This should have been called tips and tricks for nades

  8. Love your vids bro! Can’t believe you watch me! Can we maybe collab plz !

  9. Tip: use opponents better than absolute noobs

  10. Also, I forgot to add but make sure to bounce nades off of windows thats another useful tip.

  11. I wish I was playing on my phone and it was harder for me to perform these tricks.

  12. LegardaryJun I was in the game my name was optice | CubieNoob but u killed me before the other guy when u threw nade then Impulse lol keep up the good work

  13. ur so fake it hurts my eyes u team so much like dude ur actualy gay

  14. when you know all of these but love all his videos so still watch them

  15. Hey bro can we maybe do duos for our Chanel s

  16. dang these tips and tricks videos are everywhere in zr lmao

  17. jun you should remake a how to do the patrick laugh in sponge bob square pants

  18. NGL some of those were done wrong and messed up but still like it!

  19. Jun: EZZ claaaap

    Me:huh there's a NOOB I try to trickshot
    Player:oh ezz
    Me:hoooolyyyyy I got trickshoted


  21. 1:08 the nade was close it didn’t even need a impulse lol but ye still good for tips for people who don’t hit the nade close enough

  22. bro u stole the music from unlegendary noob XD

  23. 0:50 just make sure not to reverse nada yourself lol

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