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Zombs Royale | TWO 27 Kill Superpower Wins!

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Thanks for watching! I’m so surprised that I got this. This is also my new kill record, so I’m super happy about that too, the dream is 30, it’ll be tough to ever get there though.
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Star Party-Legends


  1. Dammmn u better thAn vg samaju. And you get more kills then him

  2. Dude 27 kills back to back? Ok!!!!!!
    Also Bru ur channel grew fast!!!

  3. Only go’s remember when he was on mobile 😢

  4. 4:46 — he made the coconut emote when the song was going oOOoOOOOOooOooOOooOOoh

  5. you've killed me twice
    but the odd thing once was one in ur duo was Ronin|Alex and the other partner was ro.alexisking so i got confused

  6. 2:20 that was my frend u killed he has a channel it is what it sounds like

    im subbed

  7. Alex: drinking hybrid
    Alex again: ope i see someone
    Enemy: Dies in 5 seconds

    this happened a lot of times dontcha agree he was real aggro

  8. U know i think i friended u in game. Im VxVenom. Im on my dads account btw. Maybe its not u but idk.

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