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Zombs Royale – Using Double Sniper Tactic!

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  1. I did this before but with three snipers and it worked

  2. Big fan and aspiring youtuber. Can u give me some tips to gain success. I play on PC and i think its more difficult to record high kill game play.

  3. Bro i wanna record a video with you so can you add me hilaalyt#9488

  4. I Dont have kill necessary for this tac tic :'(

    And how u switch gun
    Try double ak 😉

  5. I kile you in game GG i love you i loooooooove you zombsgaming#19?? Pliz you noom

  6. Der,der zombs spielt liken !

    Die ,die zombs und fortnite kommentieren!

    wie fiel wohl zombs und fortnite spielen?🤔

  7. Can you do the copy cat Challenge it’s where you kill someone then you throw away your guns and take all of his stuff

  8. It would be great if you can friend me dishn#6626

  9. Hey u should add some background music.
    It’s a bit dry.

    No offense

  10. You are A FREAKING GOD. You are one of the youtubers that made me make a channel for zombs! 🙂

  11. Sorry I killed you today my name was KnightOmega and I had the max stage with a shield I killed you in blossom

  12. Checkout my latest video for lunar chest opening

  13. win a match use only rocket launcher of any time

  14. Why did you end your stream in 2 seconds

  15. I was here when you only had 351 subs I am so proud of you ✊

  16. how many wins? I have 900+ mate, 1v1 me my name is NinjasBack#2150

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