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Zombs Royale – Vanguard [VG] vs Instinct [Clan Squads]

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GG to Instinct, it was a good clan squad match!
Thank you to [VG] Troopie for recording the matches (sorry that game 4/5 is incomplete)
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Track: Futuristik – Forgive Me [NCS Release]
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Inukshuk – Happy Accidents

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  1. Your all little pecker albino nerds that can’t win without playing with mobile players 🤣 all y’all do is go for mobiles GET GOOD KIDS add me casper#6210 for a real 1v1

  2. Hey where do i find vg clan do you guys have discord server or something

  3. I subscribed liked and hit the bell does this mean im apart of the [VG] clan!

  4. omg first time instinct ever lost
    i knew vanguard was the best

  5. my question is how you can meet in game is there any custom room or what?

  6. GG WINEER WINEER WINEER Vanguard instinct ;_;

  7. Chosen I am happy you win.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎁

  8. Instinct Insta wins the first two games: vg salty

    Chosen clutches: vg wins vg wins vg wins vg wins

  9. Chosen is good.. but instinct is better than VG in my opinion

  10. I would choose legendary AR-15 instead of assault SCAR.

  11. Imagine at the end 1v4 but all 4 with assault scars you wouldn’t stand a chance

  12. I love how samaju got 1 pumped at the end

  13. Vanguard and Instinct are both strong clans 😎

  14. what are the top two clans in your guys opinion

  15. What is the VG discord code? I want to join

  16. Wow it’s good to see 2 really good clans fight

  17. is there test for vg? or u just need to be member of discord for long time??

  18. I used to be a VG member before my sis deleted zombs and now my user is VG | Atomic

  19. On round 5 it says 2-2 then round 6 3-2 umm does this kid know his math? No efence

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