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Zombs Royale | VSS only Challenge

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Spektrum & Sara Skinner – Keep You


  1. Could we possibly play a game my name is tiktokmeme#5465

  2. first
    great video btw keep it up
    the vss is bad so good job mate

  3. Cool video 😃
    VSS is bad but good job ! 🔥
    Are you Dragonic now or SS? And btw with what do you edit?
    Please answer

  4. VSS CHALLENGE the first wepon he gets legendary VVS 🤣

  5. I hate when they kill me with IT. Its to weak. Who agrees

  6. Ich finde du bist bisschen schlecht geworden aber du warst früher bisschen besser

  7. You got so many kills with just a VSS oof. Teach me OwO

  8. ZombsGaming makes the impossible, possible in ZR with his challenges which is really impressive! And which few can do such as the no heals challenge!

    Keep up the Great Work !!!!!

  9. Hey guys I have information for u guys spirit "NEVER SAY NEVER"That's why he always win challenge"but I have a insane challenge it is not impossible but insane that u use only use (white pistol )ONLY .I HOPE U READ MY COMMENT…..

  10. Yo Zombsgaming, I'm GEA|Z9| Webhead and I killed u once, two days ago.

  11. I h8 that he gets so many fans and doesn’t even reply to any of their comments! Just he literally doesn’t even care about his fans!

  12. Hey ZombsGaming, I had an idea for a Zombs challenge. I call it the Sent From the Sky challenge, or the Jesus challenge. You can only get stuff from airdrops, or the Trident. Ur kinda screwed if you get 2 X-Bows though lol. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems fun. I came up with it btw. I'm sending this to Chosen and Samaju as well, so maybe you can have some competition. Thanks!

  13. Hey I think I killed u I sniped u when u were about to get behind a tree in faraway farm

  14. U was Lucky u get a vss legendary in first game

  15. Make sure you hit the like button and smash the subscribe button for more cool videos
    Even i need sub so also me
    A+ if hit 16000 subs, do minecraft of zombs play with fans
    Tag is AdamisDiamond#5239

  16. i hate vss so much, it has such less power than the other guns… or at least i think that, im so bad with it as well, HOW DO U PULL THIS OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

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