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ZOMBS ROYALE w Northernlion!

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This VOD aired live on Twitch on May 19th, 2021. Want to watch it live?
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  1. That was a master class in psychology at the start there…
    Dan convinced NL to unban the guy and made him feel like it was his own decision.
    "Yeah I'm with ya, keep him in the trunk" – he phrased it in a way where NL would have to be a jerk to agree.

  2. Anyone know the music that was playing? It was a damn bop

  3. Some of the best. You two bounce off each other so well

  4. I don't like BR usually but I'll watch you two play this no problem.

  5. Daniel Elizabeth Gheesling, greatest competitor of all time, mixed with Ryan Elizabeth Gary, greatest top down streamer of all time, its like tarkov with guns <3

  6. How do y'all think Austin would fair in this particular battle royale?

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