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Zombs Royale – Why I win Solo Squads. (Tips)

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Hey! I made another tips and tricks video which shows how I
play solo squads and my decisions in the game! I hope you like the video and I’m sorry I didn’t upload for a week.

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  1. Hey I’m on mobile and I want to know what too do if I run into a pc player that’s really sweaty

  2. Chosen: Why i win solo squads
    Me: Bcause 99.99% of the lobbies are 5 year olds and bots .

  3. I friended you in zombs!!! and also nice vid

  4. chosen where are you? Are you dead or something

  5. The cover shows that one of them has a RPG so you can easily get wreckedLike the page like the thing you see when you’re getting on to the video

  6. welp im just on a lil old mac and u have a gamer pc so this is kinda useless until i get good and get a mouse

  7. Cool, but how do you get into a game of solo squads? I always have teammates

  8. And this is why I watch Chosen, He is so supportive and helpful to the ones that need it. Great video!

  9. i like ump's but remember to also have a long range weapon like an ak or ar (preferably an ar ) next to your ump in your inventory so peeps don't push you back also have reverse impulses to counteract

  10. i play against u before u killed me {vg} chosen

  11. thx I got my first solo win 1v4 my friend were excited to see me it I was versing them and the team so it was 1v8 i took em all down using grenade threw the window when i damaged them and they all died lol!!!

  12. First tip: Be able to carry squads before you even think about going in solo squads.

  13. In zombs royale I can't get the trident because there is a air drop instead of the trident

  14. how do u use the trident, snipers, and any gun where you drag and let go to shoot instead of auto fire on mobile

  15. learn for school: x learn from gamers/chosen: yesssssss/check

  16. that helped a lot after this vid I hopped on zombs and got a solo squad dub on my first try because of this vid thx chosen that helped me a lot imma get back to back dubs in solo squads because of this vid.

  17. I just watched this and got my first win in squads 2 games later.

  18. your tips helped me so much i get victory every match thank you for your tips

  19. bro i have played and this guy always kills me!! noice vid

  20. Why I win solo squads… because SQUAD PLAYERS ARE ALL NOOBS. Noob players play squads because they are new andneed help, so they play with other players. Pro players play solo because they are very good. So: playing squads isn't harder, but EASYER that solo.

  21. How can I get higher fps? I only get 50-60.

  22. Thank you so much for the video. It helped me a lot and I got my first solo squads win!
    (I got 13 Kills)

  23. how did u do that, u have a squad, how u can be solo?

  24. Thanks for the tips chosen before I was very bad at solo squad after I watched this tips I became pro thanks a lot

  25. What gaming keyboard do you use? Ur craked

  26. Thanks Chosen for this perfect video!

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