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Zombs Royale – Winning in Squads!

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Make sure to watch until the end!

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  1. What happens if Chosen faced a squad of tryhards???
    Chosen: Yeetus tat feetus

  2. wait i dont understand
    what type of vid is this? is this just an random squad game? or no??

  3. I am writing this for no reason, just to spread the word. But, This i | player once got salty. I was squadding randomly, (Going in squads by yourself and put with random people) and for the first round, all my teammates died but I won a sniper battle against a player names i | dolphin. He went in my squads the next round and started salting up. I said gg, but this salt shaker said these words: “Hahaha you suck noob just because you killed me doesn’t mean that you are better.” I told him that he should just accept the GG and carry on. When the round started and we parachuted, I found an epic UMP and some hybrids. I put the UMP down to drink the hybrids, but dolphin stole it and replaced it for a uncommon scar. I told him “bro, stop being salty and give my gun back.” And he said that the gun he gave me was better. I told him I’ve been in this community since the 3 season and I know what is good and not. I ended up not reviving him and stealing his legendary bolt action. This is getting to long, so I’m stopping the comment. (P.S): I am the 69th like 😉

  4. I played a few games with you :D:D nick : [True] d1fferen7

  5. you can do live on Wednesdays and Saturdays please

  6. Like season 1-7. Comment season 8-13 (also chosen upload some more pls)

  7. You mute me in zr official discord ? Pls unmute me

  8. season 13 is the best hit like if you agree

  9. You killed me at 1:05 when i was very low! Can we do a 1v1 as a fair revange?

  10. 0:58 I killed that fake leadbraw one time
    And what app do you use to record and is it free?

  11. when chosen joins match
    Everyone else: run and work together

  12. How do u play it just kicks me out what phone do u play on

  13. Is it just me, or does any one notice that the portals don’t always teleport you to another one?
    Does anyone find this suspicious?

  14. are you (chosen) a girl or a boy? I think you said like a girl? just wanna know :p

  15. You killed me
    Im AntiFartYT come on i didnt believe it was you Lmao
    You slomo zoom on me GREAT EDIT 🙁

  16. vg samaju
    I was in your game in the 8:29 minute and your friend lowered it. if you want check

  17. Idk if it was fake or not by I killed a vg player… It looked legit and idek what his name was bc I forgot

  18. I subbed, smashed the notifocation and liked the vid

  19. Awsome games Chosen… I am a huge fan and have always wanted to join [VG]

    How do you tryout or make it into VG?

    I am from season 2 and I have 300 wins in solo and over 20k kills

  20. Damn i was so focused on the end like i never blink NICE!! (pls sub to me)

  21. Never knew you were a girl Thats a lie I bet

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