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Zombs Royale | Winning With The ASSAULT SCAR!

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  1. Samaju Games but I will count every elim.(Note. For team games I will count the knocks, not the elims as the gun, and no 50/50. Also, too make it easier for myself, every knock will count, just the knock, if a res happens, the knock will still count. Unless it is a solo, then the elim counts.)M4: 61AK: 50Bolt Action: 49AR-15: 42AWP: 39Scar: 39Pump Shotgun: 35P90: 24Silenced Ar-15: 12RPG: 11MG36: 10MP5: 10Thor's Hammer: 7Dragunov: 4Vector: 3Deagal: 3Assault Shotgun: 2Grenade: 2VSS: 2Shuriken's: 2Scoped M4: 2Tommy Gun: 1Uzi: 1Tactical Shotgun: 1Hunting Rifle: 1Assault Scar: 1

  2. On thors hammer scene did anyone catch thee bushcamp3r?

  3. Which sniper you guys like better Dragonof or airdrop sniper I like airdrop sniper better

  4. How do you get into AT if you don’t mind me asking

  5. Some, thing is wrong with this kid air drop sniper is much better then draganouv

  6. WHOA, I have never seen a game of VG Samaju playing that he only got 14 kills! Usually he gets 25 or up!

  7. You left an awp which does more damage then the dragnouv

  8. Bruh, why didn't I grab the awp its better than druganov. Also the assault scar is good but the the scoped m4 is the best in the game. The stats even prove it. You are amazing at this game though

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