Zombs Royale WORLD RECORD 25 KILLS! - Solo vs. Squad | (OUTDATED) - lorenzroxsoftware.com

Zombs Royale WORLD RECORD 25 KILLS! – Solo vs. Squad | (OUTDATED)

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I’ve been playing Zombs Royale a lot recently and here is a clip of me winning a game with 25 kills in solo vs. squad. I believe it’s the highest record that can be found on Youtube but comment below if I’m wrong.

0:04 Radioactive – William Joseph (Extended to fit video)
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  1. My most kill game was something like 17 kills

  2. My most iş 28 kills and a win solo squads

  3. I’ve dropped a 16 kill game but they were all bots😂

  4. Yo my name is impulse in zombsroyale🤣🤣

  5. I have over 2,500 wins on this game. In fact, my stats on computer are:
    Solo: 1,000 (I got my 1000th win today)
    Duo: 429 (Most of them are Solo-Duo)
    Squad: 927 (Most are Solo-Squad)
    And my record is 35 kills. That might sound crazy but I am the TFue of zombs x100000. And I am willing to carry anyone duo or duo squad. My name is TTVSpartan#3127

  6. Are you in a Zombs clan pls comment back were looking for people to recruit to our clan

  7. Lol this video is fake. Samurai games have get 35 kills

  8. Hello the best player on the world(fake).No you are really good like👍🏻

  9. I've gotten 37 kills in solos brother…
    world record…
    I think not

  10. Not world record !! Samaju have 26 kills !! -_-

  11. Well you have 103 people in ur game I always have 69

  12. My son a has played before seasons existed and has had 25+ kill games for a long time, but he doesn’t play that much anymore because of lag

  13. i just like how he just drop the big pot after getting chase


  15. Hassnain I subscribed you subscribe me back

  16. cheap kills do you know how anoying it is to fight some one for 5 minuets and have someone steal your kill

  17. the skills of players have evolved so much since the past 2 years, from strafing, to quickscoping and playing with doors(they actually know what they're doing its crazy) and triple sniping with three snipers in their inventory, and even toxic guns like flamethrower miniguns and goo guns especially, those things suck. I'm commenting this like almost exactly 2 years now. Space Base II is back and with more vibrant coloring and people just keep getting better and better, with hands the speed of light, switching guns with insane speed. I got 14 kills, I got the 7 kills by third party a 4v3, and thats my biggest achievement ever. I do think its safe to say that 2 years ago's skill levels is definitely nothing compared to now, but seeing people like you pulling a 25 is just INSANE. GGs <3

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