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Zombs Royale YouTubers skins COMBO!

Panda [ZR]
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  1. I wish u could place me on there when I get more popular, wishing you lots of luck man. Take care of yourself

  2. Bro i was thinking to make this viedeo too

  3. Ngl mine is really good if you watch my new vids

  4. nice video
    but the combo for mythical noobie didnt release
    also ajthebold doesnt use that combo anymore
    ajthebold actually uses the celestial protector wings and has the paladin
    but overall nice video

  5. fajny filmik! leci subik i like było by mi miło gdybyś zrobił to samo u mnie masz do mnie linka!:)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtmVvXJNqkY&list=UU2jrAlxV84GU7cTCyOgYv0A}

  6. Can you shout out my YouTube also nice video

  7. u cud have also put a no skin for unlegendary noobs skin XDDD

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