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Zombs Royale – Zombie Mode 50 Zombie Kills

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  1. Zombs gaming check out my latest upload I'll appreciate it if you have the time to watch

  2. Zombs is a true god and a true legend.When he plays,i cant believe my eyes,this man is crazy at the game!!!😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯

  3. What about the song prelude from the fatrat, can u put it pls

  4. Portals don’t work if the map gets too small

  5. Do you have a pc? If so use that it's way better

  6. i got already over 300 zombie kills in one game – try to beat that

  7. I fell like the hardest play for you is the zombies i always win that game lmaooo

  8. P90s are way better for killing zombies and close the doors of the buildings if you don't want more to come in

  9. Tip try the beats MDK or 1000 goes smooth then pro o and try to look level one the beats of that one is dope

  10. fuck this video you guys are trash i hate your company XD

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