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ZombsRoyale 1v1 VS Mirio

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ZombsRoyale 1v1 VS Mirio! Despite Mirio not playing in a while he played in this 1v1. Glad I had a chance to 1v1 him. Request a ZombsRoyale 1v1 in my server below. Thanks for watching!

Join my Graphic Design server to request a 1v1:



  1. i didn't even know Mirio still played Zr thought he quit for Valorant like all the other Zr players

  2. bera somehow has rev nades yet still proceeds to get shit on by mirio lmfao

  3. … good games love to see it keep it up✌🏾

  4. can we get a RIP bera in the chat for 1v1ing the best solos player. Also being the First EVER 1v1 that u did not try to clip anyone.

  5. how tf did u get him to play but good job for getting a point against one of the best zr players ever on east 🙂

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