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ZombsRoyale 1v1 VS The Cow

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1v1 in ZombsRoyale VS The Cow! The Cow is better than I thought, GGs to him. Another 1v1 next week I’m excited for! Thanks for watching!

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  1. hey bro! nice vid!.. could you say how you make show your fps?…. and how do you get it?…. in browser version or app?…

  2. yo bera is this ur zr acc or did you buy this off someone

  3. Gold lowkey being the only clan still alive that participated in the swarm wars phase. Bera's leading skills OP

  4. "If I get 4-0ed we'll keep going till I win so I don't look shit." – Bera 2021

    gg tho was fun

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