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zombsroyale but I BECOME MESSI FOR 1 DAY

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In today’s video, I play Zombsroyale.io with unlegendarynoob but then he starts playing zombsroyale with yoshiclapz then legendaryjun comes out of nowhere and starts fortnite dancing? Yoshiclapz then starts using the octopus skin and becomes a pro zr player then unlegendarynoob joins sn with chezitss! Don’t know what ZR is? ZombsRoyale.io is a 2D battle royale video game developed by an American studio, End Game. It was released in 2018 for iOS, Android, and web browsers.

Wii music
MK wii – Master Toad Assembly
Diddy Kong Racing – Darkmoon Caverns
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  1. what a f*** ronaldo was the best player all time

  2. my keybinds are the other way: X.Space.Mouse Wheel.F.3.4

  3. hey cooly you love Argentine lol I am from suidya 2-1 argentine

  4. I like the video. I need a pc plz!!!! Donate.

  5. What are y’all’s keybinds? Mine are mouse button 3, shift, E, F, right click, and Q.

  6. Just become mbappe and get 1.1 billion for 1 year in Saudi

  7. Cooly kan you pls pls add mi 😊.mine name is danielnobb1#4625

  8. COOLY you should have SPACE for interact, makes everything smoother in my opinion

  9. wow ur so pro can u pls record a video with a tutorial

  10. Messi is the best player in football classic

  11. Cooly you are not Messi and cooly i know that one if your videos you will play with yarh one of your videos i know😎

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