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Zombsroyale but I CAN’T USE SMG’s

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In today’s video, I play Zombsroyale.io with unlegendarynoob but then he starts playing zombsroyale with yoshiclapz then legendaryjun comes out of nowhere and starts fortnite dancing? Yoshiclapz then starts using the octopus skin and becomes a pro zr player then unlegendarynoob joins sn with chezitss! Don’t know what ZR is? ZombsRoyale.io is a 2D battle royale video game developed by an American studio, End Game. It was released in 2018 for iOS, Android, and web browsers.
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►Music from @Kevin MacLeod
Name of track: “Sneaky Adventure”

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Name of track: “Scheming Weasel”

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  1. nah dude premier pro lowers my audio… might have to try davinci resolve!

  2. Cooly you should start playing other games until there is a real update only sweats and sprayers play

  3. Hi Cooly GG for your new video
    ( =👍🏻 O ^ O)=👍🏻

  4. 1v1 me for a vid or ill tell yang 😈😈😈

  5. lmfao i saw some lad with ur skin on but with thta crystal backpack, he had the same chute as well 😀 but i figured u wouldnt play asia

  6. ngl this game died a while ago but still nice vid!

  7. Play some other games like minecraft or smthing.Zombs ded 🙁

  8. This doubble Pump is tooo Op. Bro you must be play 1v1 wit unlegendarynoob pls that vid where be wyld

  9. Who vid idea make sure to post my comment lol. VIP but you can only use the stuff under the tree…. Have fun!!!

  10. OH NO THAT MEANS U CANT SPAM WITH SMGS , well maybe its good for the people you always rekt

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