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Zombsroyale, but i’m huge

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Today I got large, yeah. zombsroyale does shine in the glitch department. 1000 likes for tutorial on pc!



  1. Remove vector and trident. I'm starting a poll

  2. Lol I got the exact same glitch a couple days ago

  3. Bruh if you hide in trees then they can’t see you lolol

  4. I will not use a Trident


  5. If other players could see you like that it'd be the most intimidating thing to see you impulsing into them lol

  6. The funniest thing would be you impulsing yourself into them XD

  7. Nice vid can you please tell us in the next video how to get that big.

  8. You got 1.1k likes now REVEAL ON HOW TO GET HUGE

  9. Ya I remember on your old videos you showed us how to become big

  10. Guy ik how to do this first when you are dropping in the game if you are moble leave the app do not close it and then open it again and then you will be big and for pc it works for browser you have click the reload page icon when gliding and do not leave cancel it and you will big there

  11. Is this like a visual glitch or do you look big to the other players as well

  12. bro 1k likes share us how to get big 🙁

  13. ive had that when i drop out of the plane and then it lags i get huge xD

  14. I KILLED YOU IN A GAME and you were on my team once

  15. Yo fam can you please send me the video that has falling snow in it. You know, the effect that you use when you were tryharding. Can you also teach me how to make it transparent and overlay the video?

  16. I played a game wit u before but didint

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