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Zombsroyale evolving backwards

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Today unlegendary seeks challengers by trying to keep his teammates alive. while doing so he finds roblox players in his zombsroyale matches


Cast List Super Mario

Kevin Macleod – Meatball Parade



  1. The Melee is Called Rah's Sun Axe from Season 5

  2. The melee is from the god season? I think it’s thors or the rah something

  3. I dont remember the axe called but its from season 5 something about ruh? Idk

  4. Season 5 rah's sun axe from free pass I think

  5. That melee is from season 5. It's called Ra's sun axe I think.

  6. Rah's Sun Axe (totally didnt look @ the comments b4 guessing) lso can u shout out my yt channel next vid? or we can 1v1 thts fine just plz T_T

  7. from season 5 the melee is. called rah's sun axe. good content as always 😀

  8. This is from season 4 or 5. It’s axe ray or something like that.

  9. Kaminari no kokyū means Thunder Breathing in japanese we say 雷 かみなり の 呼 こ 吸 きゅう

  10. One like for our legendarynoob whistling skill.

  11. ik this one too season 5 i remeber getting the moon rabbit i think thats when you get the moon rabbit i might be stupid idr about the moon rabbit but the melee yeah i rember

  12. The melee is Rah's sun axe from season 5. also damn, u whistle quite well lol

  13. Season 5 as far as i remember Rah's sun axe i think i mean i am dumb ;-;

  14. The guy with the name Kaminari Kokyu means thunder breathing and it's from a popular anime called demon Slayer

  15. I'm gonna try I'm not looking at the other comments, that's definitely from season 5 but maybe The Ray's Sun axe?

  16. The melee is called Rah's Sun Axe and is from season 5

  17. The melee is called Rah's Sun Axe from season 5

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