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Zombsroyale.io – The Tryhard Battle Royale (Zombsroyale.io in 2021)

Corrupt X
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Some may believe Surviv.io is the most toxic and tryhard battle royale. Well, Zombsroyale.io is also definitely another major contender in that category.

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Ethan Meixsell – Sea of Sand (Track 1)
Ethan Meixsell – The Fiery Furnace (Track 2)
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Ethan Meixsell – Granite (Track 4)
Ethan Meixsell – Dead Reckoning (Track 5)


  1. if you don't spin for style in a birds-eye view shooter multiplayer game, you're just a noob and probably suck nglstick arena and zombsroyale are the GOATs of that genre, no contest

  2. you wont see a server without spinners even if you dont interact with them

  3. Little did these players no, they were fighting against the GOD of all .io games, Corrupt X.Love your vids! <3

  4. I swear I feel so bad for casual/new players knowing they will probably never get a solo win because of how many sweats there are

  5. i actually am able to beat people in snipe battles because i just have to shoot them when they spin lol

  6. you shoudld switch between guns like shotgun to ar shotgun to ar.

  7. Corrupt you should do an analysis of spinning within different io games

  8. This game looks so sweaty like sweaty sands from fortnite

  9. I really wannna play this game.. it looks PogChamp

  10. Bruh this video is so good, mind if i screenshot?


  12. when will you be able to try our game 😢

  13. So much oil on their hands that the US is boutta invade

  14. Good to see you work on new content. I've played this game for almost two years.

  15. Lmfao when i used to sweat this game i really never thought about how other People would look at me while spinning 13 times per second

  16. Trust me I have played this game for so long and all people do is just do the following 1. Get shotgun 2. Get sniper 3. Spin to win 4. CONSTANT emote spam

  17. many people think spinning is stupid
    But,spinning is for pro but he stupid

  18. "Pitchforks, what a shame" I really laughed at that one, but I hate that weapon too, it draws you back and its so dumb

  19. you'll never understand spinning in zombs. Once you start, it's literally an addiction.

  20. Good to see you have more content I have been playing this game since season 9 can u add me pls lol hahaha

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