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Zombsroyale IS COOKED!!

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  1. bro stop making racist German jokes or I will unsure

  2. I bought logger a few days ago

  3. Ur the only youtuber that posts still😂😂

  4. Maybe Cooly u should do locker reveal plzz do it

  5. wow zombs royale quiere que promuevas los duos y los crystal cla.. pero porque no mejor se inventa otra cosa diferente a cristal clas que no sea tan aburrida

  6. Like this comment to stop all the “first” kids

  7. I love that sound you make at the beginning when you say “what is up” ❤️❤️🙏. It sounds so cool, youngin’. What do you call it, a tongue roll? Anyway, excited to watch as always ❤🎉

  8. you just said i get vip
    when do I get it

  9. bro was too tired to write a comment or a description 🙁

  10. sg hacker is my name and you already know I'm better than cooly

  11. when only fist challenge? lil coolly approved.

  12. can i join skrt, i took down a duo of pro players by my self with my duo knocked, and pulled a clip on this other kid ( that was very good to). Please cooly(best zr youtuber). thank you for good vids

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